Agendas from LFTE Panel Workshops

September 17-18, 1996

Tuesday, September 17

0900 Welcome, Administrative Remarks, Blankenship, TEREC
0920 Kickoff by James F. O'Bryon, OSD/DOT&E, Live Fire Testing
0950 Break
1000 "Physics Based Simulations", Rodriguez and Addessio, LANL, Los Alamos, NM
1200 Lunch
1330 "Numerical Simulation Capabilities for High Energy Physics Modeling at Battelle,"
Fisher, Battelle, Columbus, OH
1430 "Proposed Methlodology for JASSM OT&E", Williams, AFOTEC, Kirtland AFB, NM
1500 Break
1510 "Proposed High Fidelity, Modeling, Simulation, and Test Support for Lethality Assessment of Joint Air-to-Surface Missile", Rondeau, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM
1555 "Modeling Blast, Impact, and Penetration Phenomenology", Yarrington, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM
1640 End

Wednesday, September 18

0900 "DYSMAS," Kavetsky, NSWC, Indian Head, MD
0930 "Modeling Weapons Effects Against Ships", Fisch, Carderock, NSWC, Bethesda, MD
1030 Break
1040 "Munitions Modeling with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics", Romero and Carney, EMRTC, New Mexico Tech, Socorro, NM
1200 Lunch
1330 "Hydrocodes versus Traditional Codes: Is there a Middle Ground?" Dyess, Munitions Test Division, Eglin AFB, FL
1430 "Hydrodynamic Ram Analysis of F-22", Griffis, ASC, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
1530 Break
1540 Panel Responses
1640 End


November 12-13, 1996

Tuesday, November 12

0800 Sign in, Coffee
0920 Welcome, Administrative Remarks, Blankenship, TEREC
0930 Overview by Hans Mair, OSD/DOT&E, Live Fire Test & Evaluation
1000 Break
1010 Summary of Workshop I, Blankenship, TEREC
1030 "First Principles Modeling for Vulnerability/ Lethality Analyses", Dietrich, ARL
1150 Lunch
1300 LLNL Programs, Couch, LLNL
1400 Validation Discussion, Dyess, Eglin
1435 Break
1505 "Methodology", MRC, Alexander
1555 "JASSM Introduction", Cleaver, AFOTEC
"Overview of JASSM OT&E", Boy, BDM
"Proposed High Fidelity, Modeling, Simulation, and Test Support for Lethality Assessment of JASSM", Rondeau, SNL
1645 End

Wednesday, November 13

0815 "Ballistic Missile Defense Lethality Programs", Schaefer, BMDO
"Methodology Supporting Live Fire Pre-Test Predictions", Lowe, SSDC
"PEELS and Hyrdrocode Overview", Booth, TBE
1010 Break
1020 "Threat Effects and Modeling Implications", Czarnecki, Wright Laboratory "F-22". Lewin, Boeing
1210 Lunch
1315 Response Forms, Blankenship
1325 Infrastructure
"Overview of DOD/DOE MOU", Randers-Pehrson, ARL
"Department of Defense High Performance Computer Modernization Program" , Davis, HPCM
Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative, Berggren, DOE
1525 Responses
1600 End


February 25-26, 1997

Tuesday, Febuary 25

0815 Registration
0900 Welcome, Administrative Remarks, Summary of Workshops I and II, Blankenship
0920 Underwater Explosion Modeling Instruction, Hans Mair
1010 Break
1035 Underwater Explosives Modeling, Thomas, Sandia
1115 Underwater Exposion Simulations, Couch, Livermore
1205 Lunch
1330 Underwater Modeling, Rodrigueaz, Los Alamos
1350 Underwater Exposives Test Facility, McHugh, ATC
1420 Underwater Testing, Modeling and Data Analysis, Constanzo, UERD
1520 Break
1545 Modeling and Simulation of Underwater Explosion Phenomena, McKeown, NSWC-IH
1630 Underwater Modeling Applications, Arden, Newport News Shipbuilding
1715 End

Wednesday, Febuary 26

0815 Registration
0845 Administrative, Blankenship
0900 Simulation of the Response of Structures to UNDEX Loadings, Daddazio
0935 Underwater Shock Analysis with USA/DYN3D, Littlewood, ETC
1010 Break
1030 Underwater Shock Analysis, Steve Ollhoff, Electric Boat
1100 Panel Discussion
1230 End


April 29-30, 1997

Tuesday, April 29

0800 Registration
0835 Welcoming Remarks, Blankenship, Wenzel, Curtain
0855 The Fire Science & Technology Program at Sandia National Laboratories, Peterson
1015 Break
1030 Fire-Related Simulations at LLNL, Couch
1120 Current Status and Future Needs of Fire Modeling, Janssens
1210 Lunch
1325 Modeling & Simulation in Test &Evaluation, Mr. O'Bryon
1405 Fire and Smoke Spread Modeling, Experimental Validation, Tatem
1515 Break
1530 NIST Proposed CFD Validation Fire Experiments, Levine
1545 Some Considerations on V/L Modeling, Deitz
1635 SwRI Fire Research Facilities and Capabilities, Wenzel
1700 Tour of SwRI Facility

Wednesday, April 30

0805 Administrative Remarks, Blankenship
0815 Fire Testing at US Army Aberdeen Test Center, McFassel
0900 JSOW/BLU-97 LFT&E Fire Start Experience, Stovall
0940 Break
1000 Sandia/China Lake Fire Suppression Model/Test Collaboration, Peterson
1050 Panel Discussion, Blankenship
1230 Lunch
1330 USAF Fire S&T Projects Tucker WINFIRE, Dry Bay Fire Model, Lentz
1420 OPTEC Fire Modeling Needs, Legrange
1440 Break
1455 New Modeling Tools for Fire Applications, Freitas
1520 Panel Discussion, Blankenship
1615 End


June 24-25, 1997

Tuesday, June 24

0800 Check in, Badging, Area 3, Visitor's Reception Center
0810 Administrative Remarks, Repa, Blankenship
0830 "Overview of Live Fire Test and Evaluation", Mr. O'Bryon. Mello
0905 Los Alamos Efforts in Hypervelocity Impacts, Schwalbe, Mandell
1010 Break
1025 Sandia Capabilities in Hypervelocity Impacts, Rondeau, Perry, Asay
1150 "LLNL Efforts in Hypervelocity Impacts", Couch, Gerassimenko
1245 Lunch
1345 "TMD Modeling of Hypervelocity Impacts", Ari
1510 DOT&E/NMD Hydrocode Initiative, Pomykal
1535 Break
1555 EMRTC Hypervelocity Impact Modeling, Libersky, Carney
1630 Los Alamos Testing Capabilities, Repa
1700 End

Wednesday, June 25

0730 Check in
0800 "HHSTT Missile Defense Test Capability", Hooser
0910 AEDC Gas Gun Data Collection for Hypervelocity Impacts, Young
0955 Break
1010 Discussion of Hypervelocity Modeling, Blankenship
1115 Hypervelocity Impacts Task, Repa
1135 Lunch purchase and return to meeting
1200 Engine Nacelle Fire Suppression Problem and Other Issues, Rondeau
1230 Ship Ballistics through Fire, Couch
1255 Break
1305 Armor Penetration, Saucier
1335 Missile Solid Propellant Vulnerability, Heard
1400 Discussion
1230 End


August 26-27, 1997

Tuesday, August 26

0730 Badging at Sandia Badge Office, Building 800 on Wyoming
0815 Escort to Meeting Building
0830 Sandia Welcome and Administrative Announcements, Polito and Rondeau
0850 Remarks by Mr. O'Bryon, Dr. Mello
0920 Introductions, Blankenship
0930 DoD HPM/RF Modeling and Simulation, Vail, AF Phillips Laboratory
1030 Break
1055 Cobra Helicopter Live Fire Test, Henderson, NAWCWPNS
1200 Lunch
1240 HPM Modeling at Sandia, Buttram
1320 HPM Capabilities and Modeling at Los Alamos, Stringfield
1350 HPM Modeling at Livermore, Bland
1420 Modeling and Simulation, Alexander, MRC
1450 Break
1515 MAVEN, Carne, Sandia
1540 Break Out Sessions
1710 End

Wednesday, August 27

0745 Badging
0800 Escort to Meeting
0815 Administrivia
0830 Break out sessions
1100 Task Debriefs
Propellant Reactivity, Heard, Chicken Little, Eglin AFB
HPM Helicopter, Henderson
HPM Building, Vail
HyperVelocity Impact, Weir
Fire Suppression, Rondeau
Hydrodynamic Ram, Addessio
Shipboard Fire, Reese
1250 Lunch
1330 End


Febuary 24, 1998

Tuesday, Febuary 24

0800 Registration
0820 Welcome, NMSU/PSL, LaMotte
0825 Kickoff, TEREC, Blankenship
0840 "LFT&E Workshops on Physics Based Modeling", OSD/LFTE, Mello
0920 "Physics Based Models for Fire Suppression", Sandia, Gritzo
1030 Break
1045 "DTSE&E-DOE/Sandia MOU on M&S&T", Sania, Rondeau
1105 "ORNL Briefing", ORNL, Hetrick
1130 "Argonne NL Programs", ANL, Campbell
1200 Lunch
1350 "Fire and Smoke Model", Electric Boat, Riek
1430 Wrap Up
1515 End


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