Conference on Testing for Information Assurance

20-22 March 2001
Crowne Plaza Pyramid Hotel
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Within the last decade, information technology has become critical to the successful execution of military missions, thereby creating vulnerabilities. Information Assurance (IA) implies the ability to protect, detect, and successfully react to information attacks directed at the United States. IA applies to every aspect of military life, from safeguarding payroll and medical records, to ensuring the security and uninterrupted functioning of C4ISR, Digital Battlefield, and other "go to war" systems.

The military test and evaluation community will play a critical role in better protecting existing systems and certifying the hardening of developmental systems against acts of Information Warfare. Progress in this complex but important area has been made, and this conference explored both the advances and the remaining issues.


IA policy, technology, and methodology issues were explored in this three-day conference through speaker presentations, panels, and an introductory tutorial. Links will take you to the specific presentations and biographical information, where available.

Tuesday, 20 March

0800 - 1330 On-site Registration

0900 - 1130 "Red Teaming and Penetration Tools" Tutorial by Winn Schwartau

1330 - 1600 "Information Assurance Metrics"Tutorial by Winn Schwartau

Wednesday, 21 March

0730 - 1200 On-site Registration

0830 - 0835 Conference Chair: Mr. George Wauer, Principal Deputy for C3 and Space, DOTE

0835 - 1200 Featured Presentations, including:

1300 - 1700 "Military IA Testing Policy and Approaches" Session Chair: Doug Marlowe, Technical Director, AFOTEC

1800 - 2000 No-host Social at Hotel

Thursday, 22 March

0800 - 1200 "Commercial Practices in IA Testing" Session Chair: Dr. Myron Cramer, The Windermere Group

1300 - 1530 "How It Goes" Panel Session Chair: Mr. George Wauer, Deputy for C3 and Space, DOTE

1530 - 1600 Wrap-up Dr. Ernest Seglie, Science Advisor, DOTE


The Director, Operational Test and Evaluation sponsored this conference. The conference was hosted by the Test & Evaluation Research and Education Center and the Space Technology Advanced Research Center of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Conference Chair

Mr. George Wauer, Deputy Director for C3 and Space Systems, DOTE

Conference Organizing Committee

COL Terry Mitchell, USA, Chair
Mr. Jeffrey Ball, IDA
Dr. Samuel Blankenship, Georgia Tech
Dr. Anil Joglekar, IDA
Dr. Warren Olson, IDA

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