Test and Evaluation of Defense RF Electronic Systems

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Review the requirements for testing defense-related radio frequency electronic systems (radar, electronic warfare, communications and RF-surveillance systems), beginning with a detailed discussion of test and evaluation as it pertains to DoD and U.S. government-systems acquisition processes. Explore laboratory and in-situ testing methods for components, subassemblies, subsystems and platform (ship, air, space and ground) level testing.

Who Should Attend

Managers, engineers and scientists who handle RF electronics systems





Mr. Duane Tate, Georgia Tech Research Institute senior research engineer, has an extensive 40-year career as a systems engineer on major Department of Defense Systems Acquisitions programs providing design, development, test and evaluation, modeling and simulation, and planned program performance improvement throughout all phases of the acquisition program. His career began during the period of structured, mil-spec, acquisition policies and procedures and spans the waning of Defense Department's emphasis on systems engineering and formal policies and procedures in the 1990s, to the resurgence of the importance of these formal processes beginning in 1999-2000. Tate's interests include systems engineering, T&E, advanced distributed systems, and modeling & simulation technologies.

V. Locke Wilde, a general associate with a Washington, D.C.-based Department of Defense consulting firm, was a senior test and evaluation engineer at Georgia Tech Research Institute. He holds a B.A. from California State University-Northridge. Wilde is a retired Naval officer with 28 years of experience in the test and evaluation of defense systems, followed by 12 years in industry, planning and supporting test and evaluation of Naval systems. At GTRI, he was involved in the land-based testing of the AN/SPY-3 radar system at Wallops Island, Va., and participated in the planning for the at-sea portion of that system.

Continuing Education Credit

This program meets the criteria for the nationally accepted Continuing Education Unit (CEU). Each participant successfully completing this 5-day course will earn 3 CEUs. These CEUs apply to the elective requirements for the TEREC Test & Evaluation Certificate.

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