Directed Infrared Countermeasures: Technology, Modeling, Testing

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The threat posed by infrared-guided missiles is assuming increasing importance in the defense posture of the United States and other countries. Countermeasures to the threat capability are required. In response, at least four programs are underway to develop pointable, i.e., directed, infrared jamming systems. The increased sophistication of the infrared countermeasure (IRCM) system means that the engineers and managers on these programs require training in the various technologies comprising the systems.

GTRI has extensive experience in the design and development of digital system models of sophisticated infrared countermeasure systems. Our three instructors have a combined 45 man-years of background in designing, testing, and managing laser-based infrared countermeasures.

The 3 day course reviews the 25 year history of directed infrared countermeasures, provides in-depth review of the threat operation, provides and overview of the supporting technologies, and examines the current DIRCM systems. New material in this course includes the properties of high-power damage mechanisms and future trends in missile warning and laser resonator design.

This course is classified at the SECRET level and students must be U.S. citizens.

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Mr. Charles Carstensen, lead instructor for the course, has nearly two decades of experience in IRCM analysis. He has modeled threats and their response to IRCM at the circuit level and the engagement level, including warning systems, flares and directed IRCM. These studies have contributed to the improved survivability of US fighters and cargo aircraft. Mr. Carstensen holds a M.S. degree in physics from Ohio State University.

Dr. Darrell Lamm is a DIRCM system development and modeling expert. He has developed engagement models of IR combat and applied these simulations, such as GTSIMS, to IRCM effectiveness studies to enhance the survivability of aircraft including helicopters. Dr. Lamm holds a Ph.D. degree in physics from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Continuing Education Credit

This program meets the criteria for the nationally accepted Continuing Education Unit (CEU). Each participant successfully completing this 3 day course will earn 1.9 CEUs. These CEUs apply to the elective requirements for the TEREC Test & Evaluation Certificate.

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