Principles of Test & Evalution

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Principles of Test & Evaluation is a fundamental course in the principles of test and evaluation (T&E) and their applications to a disciplined test process. This disciplined test process is shown to be derived from the scientific method and depends on M&S throughout the process. The course describes the role of T&E in the systems engineering process with examples and applications of the principles and methods to new product development in both commercial and defense industries.  Topics include: making assessments (decisions) with known confidence, application of the scientific method, system functional decomposition, hierarchy of testing measures, internal and external test validity, correlation of test results, extrapolation of test results, and test facility requirements definition. In the context of a disciplined test process using M&S, the details of test planning, execution, and analysis are discussed from breadboard through full scale development.

This course will provide students (test and acquisition personnel) with insight in disciplined T&E and skills in the development and execution of tests. In addition, it will provide the background necessary for industrial engineers, government engineers, and managers who are responsible for the development and implementation of T&E concepts and procedures using disciplined methods. It is application-oriented with practical considerations given to defining test requirements, designing tests, and using M&S for planning, execution, and analysis of T&E. This course is the first required course for students working towards the T&E Certificate.

This course is taught in three days. If the class is to be applied to the T&E Certificate, a test is given upon completion of the course; this is given on a fourth day.

Topics Covered


Ms. Dana Stocks serves as the Director of Education and Training for the Georgia Tech Test & Evaluation Research and Education Center (TEREC). She has been heavily involved in modeling and simulation (M&S) as it applies to T&E and has taught multiple short courses on this subject. She served as software lead for the development of the MARION tool while under contact with the Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center. She performed an accreditation study for a T&E application of M&S for the Army Operational Test and Evaluation Command and helped produce a handbook on target location system T&E. She has been a Research Scientist for the Georgia Institute of Technology since 1990.

Continuing Education Credit

This program meets the criteria for the nationally accepted Continuing Education Unit (CEU). Each participant successfully completing this 2.5 day course will earn 1.8 CEUs. These CEUs apply to the elective requirements for the TEREC Test & Evaluation Certificate.

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This class is not currently scheduled. Persons interested in taking the class may email their interest to Dr. Steven Gordon. When enough interest is shown, we will schedule the course and contact interested parties.

Course Last Offered

16-18 July 2002, Atlanta, GA

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