Introduction to Electronic Warfare Modeling and Simulation for Test Professionals

Modeling and Simulation (M&S) has become an important part of acquisition and testing of new systems within the Department of Defense (DoD). Novel paradigms and processes for test and evaluation (T&E) have been established which require the extensive use of M&S. In addition, software architectures and digital models have been developed for use in T&E. Yet, much effort is required to implement these concepts and products within test programs and facilities.

This course introduces Electronic Warfare (EW) M&S paradigms and concepts and discusses methods and roles for M&S in the disciplined T&E process. This course will orient test engineers and other professionals, as well as their management, to the emerging DoD vision for M&S and their crucial role in the development and utilization of simulations. Real world examples from EW test programs and analysis efforts will be used to illustrate how personnel at different types of test facilities and test force teams can both use and support M&S.

Course Outline


George A. (Fred) Wright, Lead Instructor, received the B.S. degree in 1986 from Memphis State University, and the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in 1987 and 1996, respectively, from Georgia Institute of Technology, each in electrical engineering. In 1987, Dr. Wright joined the Georgia Tech Research Institute where he has worked in radar, electronic receiver signal processing, and electronic defense. He currently heads the Integrated Effectiveness Branch within the Electronics Systems Laboratory. The focus of his work is on modeling and simulation of electronic warfare systems to support acquisition and testing.

Tom Miller is a Principal Research Engineer in GTRI, Chief Engineer in the Electronic Systems Laboratory and has 31 years experience in research and development in radar and Electronic Combat systems design, analysis, and testing. He has directed programs in modeling and simulation for radar and electronic combat systems evaluation, in advanced instrumentation for electronic combat T&E, and in modeling and simulation capability for computer aided test and evaluation. He is the principal author and course lecturer of the Georgia Tech graduate course in Principles of Test and Evaluation. He has developed and delivered short courses in Modern Electronic Defense Systems, Software in Electronic Defense Systems, Principles and Techniques in Test and Evaluation, and Utilization of Modeling and Simulation in Test and Evaluation.

Continuing Education Credit

This program meets the criteria for the nationally accepted Continuing Education Unit (CEU). Each participant successfully completing this 2.5 day course will earn 1.8 CEUs. These CEUs apply to the elective requirements for the TEREC Test & Evaluation Certificate.

Schedule and Fees

This class is not currently scheduled. Persons interested in taking the class may email their interest to Dr. Steven Gordon.  When enough interest is shown, we will schedule the course and contact interested parties.

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