Lori Ericson

Currently Ms. Ericson is the technical contractor for the Criminal Justice Information Sharing Initiative sponsored by the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) at the US Department of Justice. Ms. Ericson also maintains a data system pertaining to the worldwide corporate vulnerability and threat from malicious product tampering, extortion, and contamination worldwide. Ms. Ericson writes a tri-weekly bulletin, alert reports, and issue papers dealing with corporate threat.

Ms. Ericson consulted with the Army Materiel Command (AMC) as a threat assessment subject matter expert where she worked with the Year 2000 Technical Advisory Group Response Planning Workgroup responsible for the analysis of Year 2000 threat scenarios that could impact or disrupt the Command s mission. Ms. Ericson designed and developed a scenario tool portraying the impacts of the identified threats.

Prior to working with AMC, Ms. Ericson consulted at the IRS where performed analysis of domestic and international Year 2000 threat scenarios, renovation practices, contingency and crisis management preparedness. Ms. Ericson also developed database and threat randomizer to evaluate and prioritize scenarios, and participated in the development of a software application to assess threat scenarios and conduct associative system analysis.

Before developing information systems, Ms. Ericson was a police Officer/Sergeant with the Minneapolis Police Department in Minnesota.

Ms. Ericson holds an Associates Degree in Law Enforcement, a Bachelor of Individualized Study Degree in Political Intelligence, and a Master of Science Degree in Computer Information System. In 1998, she was awarded Outstanding Project in the Public Interest from the New Century College at George Mason University for her work on The Utility of NBC Weapons in the Post Cold War Era: An Assessment, and in November 1997, Ms. Ericson was cited in The Next Unabomber, U.S. News and World Report.