ARL PET IMT Workshop
HEAT Center
Aberdeen, MD

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The Workshop on Fire was held at the HEAT Center in Aberdeen, Maryland on 20-21 May 1998. The list of attendees and an agenda are available nearby on this web site. If you have questions about any specific briefing, please contact the briefer directly. Some of the materials are available on the web and a link is provided. The workshop attendees were selected to represent a wide range of interests and organizations. The purpose of this diversity was to mingle various fire communities and the HPCM program personnel to foster mutual understanding and to encourage collaborations.

Several areas of fire interest were represented by the briefings. The material being consumed in the fire is one distinction among the briefings. Fires from propellants, fuels, and structures were discussed, from the experiment, test, and model perspectives. The AFDTC briefing included a discussion of an Army/Air Force program investigating propellant fires ignited by energetic fragments penetrating a solid rocket case. Briefers from AFDTC, ARL, and Sandia all addressed fuel fires. The Sandia briefing also included a discussion of a funded Sandia/Air Force project in modeling suppression of fuel fires onboard aircraft. The SwRI and NSWC briefings described Navy and Coast Guard investigations of structure fires on boats and ships. The ATC briefing described fire testing capability that could conceivably include all these types of fires.

The ability of high performance computing to enhance fire testing was seen by the participants as a significant HPC application. The participants asked that the ARL PET IMT lead take an action item to encourage this interaction between the fire and HPC communities


May 20, 1998

0900 Introductions, Welcome, Blankenship, TEREC
0930 HPCM & PET, To, HPTi
0945 CTA Briefings IMT, Mark, ARL CCM, Hurley, OSU
1110 Break
1130 "Fire Programs at Sandia", Peterson, SNL
1200 Lunch
1300 "Fire Programs at Sandia(concluded)", Peterson, SNL
1415 "Probability of Weapon Induced Fuel Fire in Vehicles", Finnerty, ARL
1445 "Fire M&S and Tests at SwRI", Janssens, SwRI
1600 HPCM MSRC Tour

May 21, 1998

0855 Administrivia, Blankenship
0900 "JSOW/BLU-97 LFT&E Results", Stovall, AFDTC
0930 "Threat SAM Solid Propellant Reactions from Fragments", Thorn, AFDTC
1020 Break
1040 ATC Fire Testing, Sokolis, ATC
1100 NSWC Fire Programs, Gracik, NSWC Carderock
1130 Discussion
1215 End


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Robert B. Frey
Army Research Lab
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CARDEROCK Division Naval Surface Warefare Ctr
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Warren Hillstrom
DSI/ARL U. S. Army Research Lab
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Marc L. Janssens
Southwest Research Institute
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Charles Koelbel
Rice University CRPC, Mail Stop 132
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Robert Shnidman
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Bernard A. Sokolis
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Elizabeth T. Thorn
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