Mr. Dennis F. O'Brien

As Vice President, Global Security Services with Citigroup, Mr. O'Brien is a global information protection specialist. Recent positions include, Director, Network Architecture & Security with a Fortune 20 insurer and Supervisor, Network Security Engineering for AT&T's commercial IP network. As an expert witness in computer forensics, Dennis has provided services in numerous high profile hacking cases. Additional positions include Senior Internal Auditor, with the responsibility of evaluating controls that assure the continued availability of AT&T's telephone switching systems.

As Corporate Computer Security Manager with Bell Laboratories, he guided the development and implementation of security controls within AT&T's products and services. His 30+ years in the telecommunications industry have included technical management positions in data communications systems, voice switching systems, and Operations Support Systems. For the past 20 years, he has strived to provide simple solutions to complex network and computer communications security challenges. He has developed and presented leading edge technology training courses on UNIX system and data network security issues. Mr. O'Brien has published numerous papers dealing with distributed data network security issues. Supplemental activities include providing forensic training and consulting services to federal, state and international law enforcement organizations.

Mr. O'Brien may be reached at (973)726-7657 or (973)819-4242.