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New Test Range Capabilities LIDAR for Turbulence and AerosolS

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LIDAR ImageElectro-Optical system performance on test ranges is degraded by both turbulence and aerosols. The LIDAR system meets a long-standing need for turbulence profiles along laser beam paths. It also provides profiles of aerosol concentration. In field tests, the turbulence LIDAR will allow estimation of turbulence-induced degradations, such as laser beam spread, wander, jitter, and scintillation. The LIDAR can also be used to create databases of turbulence profiles at test ranges.

The turbulence LIDAR was developed by the GTRI LIDAR Team. The brassboard version successfully completed verification testing in December 2007 and remains at HELSTF as a permanent facility instrument.

Acknowledgement: The project described here was funded under the DTRMC DE T&E/S&T Program, Minh Vuong, Executing Agent

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Last Updated March 11, 2008