Mr. Winn Schwartau

Winn Schwartau. balances his time between writing, lecturing, building corporate and national security awareness programs and consulting.

Mr. Winn Schwartau

Schwartau's latest book, "Cybershock" (June 2000) is a non-technical look at hackers, hacking and how security affects families, companies and nations. It is meant for the average computer user or for organizations to help make their staffs aware of security concerns in the workplace. "Time Based Security," (1999) redefines the needs and premises of information security by offering a means to measure security in the protection of networks. His first non-fiction book, "Information Warfare: Chaos on the Electronic Superhighway (Thunder's Mouth Press, NY, 1994, 1996) brought the concepts of Infowar and Cyberwar out into the open. He calls for the creation of a National Information Policy, a Constitution in Cyberspace and an Electronic Bill of Rights. The sequel, "Information Warfare: Cyberterrorism, Second Edition," was released in 1997. "The Complete Internet Business Toolkit" (1996) is one of the first books to ever be banned from export out of the United States. He was a contributor to all three of AFCEA's Cyberwars Books (Ethical Conundra of Information Warfare, Something Else Than War and The Carbon Unit as Target) and several international works on CyberWar and Espionage.


Mr. Schwartau is also the author of the prophetic 1991 novel, "Terminal Compromise" which details a fictionalized account of an information war waged on the United States. An update entitled "Pearl Harbor Dot Com" is due out in early 2001. His other popular writings include "CyberChrist Meets Lady Luck" and "CyberChrist Bites the Big Apple," which cover underground hacker events, "Firewalls 101" (DPI Press), Information Warfare, (Schaffer/Poeschel, Germany), "Introduction to Internet Security" (DGI/ MecklerMedia), chapters for Internet and Internetworking Security Handbook (Auerbach). He is currently writing two more books.

With hundreds of credits to his name, his articles and often controversial editorial pieces have appeared Orbis, Wired, NY Times, Information Week, Network World, ComputerWorld, Network Security, St. Petersburg Times, Internet World, Virus Bulletin, Security Management, Infoworld, PC Week, etc. He has been profiled in magazines and newspapers around the world. He has also hosted Hacker Jeopardy for six years at the annual Las Vegas DefCon.

Expert: As an acknowledged global expert in the field of information security, Mr. Schwartau has testified before Congress, advised committees and has consulted as an expert witness. He has appeared regularly on popular US, European and Asian television shows, (CNN, BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC), as well as hundreds of radio shows nationwide. He has been featured on dozens of documentaries including The Learning Channel, Discovery Channel, A&E, History, BBC, CBC, Encounters, and Now It Can Be Told, among others.

Mr. Schwartau's prior company developed the COMPSEC security technology, which is the foundation of the Novel's C2 secure Netware. His work has received a coveted slot on the National Computer Security Center's (NSA's) Evaluated Product List. He also developed the ENIGMA and ENIX.SYS security systems.

Speaker: Mr. Schwartau is a popular and entertaining keynote speaker and interactive seminar leader who always keeps his audiences awake with thought provoking insights and commentary. His recent lectures have included: Banking Association, West Point, CitiCorp, UBS International, SUN-Microsystems Security Tour. NASA, FBI, NATO, Sandia National Labs, Naval Postgraduate School, Swedish Government, SCIP France, IIR Australia, Dutch Police, Too Many Financial Organizations To Recall, US Air Force Academy, Information Warfare Conferences, Electronic Funds Transfer Assoc., ISACA, Military Intelligence, Cooper's and Lybrand, Florida Law Enforcement, ASIS, IBM, ISSA, JWAC, Aerospace Industries Assoc., Society for Competitive Intelligence, RACF, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, International Virus Bulletin Conference, Open Sources Solutions, American Computer Telecommunications Association, Computer Security Institute, Federal Communications Conference, MIS Training Institute, ISSS, NCSA, civic groups and Chambers of Commerce.

Mr. Schwartau may be reached at Interpact, Inc., 11511 Pine St., Seminole, FL. 33772. 727.393.6600, fax 727-393-6361, E-Mail:,, or